Hi All! I am so excited to be writing my first photography blog post. I started this "photography as a business" journey almost 3 years ago, and I truly thank everyone for supporting me along the way. 

My friends, family and clients know that I have also had another career. One that I've done for the last 20 years (YIKES, that dates me). I truly enjoyed it at first, well - I loved the people I worked with and for a good portion of those years I was able to travel all over the world. You'd probably never believe me if I said that career was in accounting. I would definitely never have associated my life at that time as the stereotyped boring accountants life. 

But alas, I've made the decision to leave that world permanently and not look back. This has been an exciting yet super scary, yet really exhilerating and free'ing time in my life. Its not like i'm 25 and could move back home with my mom if I wanted to, lol. But I believe it's the best decision I can make for myself and our family. 

 I have some exciting new opportunities coming up (Cannot wait to share!!!), but more importantly, I get to truly focus my attentions on photography. Which leads me to my new website. I will be constantly updating it with new images, and all sessions will now be blogged :) 

As a way of saying THANK-YOU to everyone and the perfect way to start out on this new beginning I'm giving away either 1 engagement / couples session OR 1 family portrait session. One of the requirements is that you join my mailing list, but I promise you I will not spam you. It will give you first access to mini sessions and any other special photography events. 

Good Luck to all who enter!